Our approach

To provide you with the best applicants we have opted for 2 strong choices:

Sourcing by direct approach & evaluation methodology CARD.

These two directions are adapted according to our 3 professional levels : Executive, Management & Regular Search.

A dedicated and specialist team supports the sourcing of applicants by using the direct approach. Our philosophy is simple; the best profiles are also the least visible! We are looking for applicants who already find fulfilment in their jobs, fulfilment through challenges and successes ... Not necessarily those already actively looking for a new role

This is where our sourcing team is involved:

  • Executive Search : dedicated to the top management. We proceed by head hunting and direct approach.
  • Management Search : dedicated to managers and senior executives. We proceed by direct approach.
  • Regular Search : posting ads for the most junior profiles and direct approach.

Our methodology

Once the most interesting profiles have been identified, it is time to evaluate them.

To this end, all our consultants are trained in the methodology CARD - a state of the art HR practice.

The competencies are evaluated (6 to 8 skills according to seniority) based on past accomplishments, no room for supposition with H&F Associates.

For each of the achievements we check a CARD :

  • The Context
  • The implemented Actions
  • The Results obtained
  • The resulting Decisions

We do this to ensure the authenticity of our applicants, the relevance of their experience and the adequacy of their skills with the challenges that you wish to entrust them with!

As a result, a ‘passed probation’ rate of H&F Associates applicants is close to 95%!

A real follow-up with our applicants:

Our philosophy is a respectful, honest and direct applicant relationship approach. At the end of each interview, the applicant will receive complete feedback justifying our choice to enter them, or not, for the posts you have entrusted to us! We are always available and take pride in giving maximum visibility to the status of the recruitment process.

Once recruited, we provide a double follow-up by ensuring the satisfaction of both our clients and our applicants. Our success is only complete if the satisfaction is fully shared!

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